Online Courses for Insurance Adjusters

Online courses for insurance adjusters have traditionally been available in classrooms. But the Internet has made it possible to study at home. Virtual classrooms and self study packages have made these studies more affordable and accessible.


These study programs are tailored made for a particular state. This means the subjects can vary depending on what the state requires. But there are some common subjects. These programs start with insurance concepts & principles, insurance regulation and dwelling insurance. Students will also take up insurance for homeowners, farm, food and personal auto.

Students will also take up umbrella coverage, commercial property, and equipment breakdown. Aspiring adjusters also have to tackle commercial general liability, professional liability coverage and commercial package policies & BOP. There are also subjects on commercial auto insurance, aviation Insurance and workers’ compensation.

Students can opt to be a company or public adjuster. A company adjuster is for the insurer. They represent the salaried employees of the insurer and contractor. A public adjuster only represents the name insured in the policy.

Students will learn the various tasks of an adjuster. This includes evaluating damaged properties and the loss; collect evidence to be used in court; and consulting with lawyers. Students will be trained how to negotiate with policy holders and make settlement claims.

Online courses also train them to write reports explaining their decisions. Their subjects will include analysis of claims. They will also be skilled on how to get in touch with insurance agents.

Additional Features

Websites are also offering online practice exam simulators. They consist of thousands of questions from a database. Aside from the web study materials, there are also manuals and textbooks. Information is provided on other related jobs like casualty adjuster, general adjuster and independent adjuster.

The simulator exams are designed to assist students in passing the state exam. Once enrolled, students get access to these questions and other resources. These resources are available 24/7. A well designed site will produce random questions. This ensures the results vary every time the student takes an exam.

Other Information

The cost will range from a couple of hundred dollars to over three hundred. Several factors can and do affect its price. Interested parties should check what people are saying about the product.

Because online courses for insurance adjusters are state specific, students have to be sure they pick the right one. This is particularly true for the state exam simulators. Their questions are state specific.