Online Courses for LPN Nursing

Accredited online courses for LPN nursing can be found in many state universities and colleges. These sites are accredited and offer the same quality as traditional classrooms.

Coursework Overview

LPN colleges have different courses. But they all train students to be successful in the field. Among the more common subjects are geriatrics, pediatrics, newborn and maternity. Would-be LPNs also study intravenous therapy, medication administration and general nursing skills.

The bulk of the subjects focuses on anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, diseases and body structure. Other subjects that will be covered are managerial skills, mental health, medical/surgical topics and nutrition.

The coursework can be divided into laboratory, class and clinical studies. Class studies can be done entirely online or a combination of live and web based assignments. Students will also learn tips that will help them with the NCLEX-PN exam.

Additional Details

LPN universities provide clinical training for students will perform a series of activities under supervision of nurses and physicians. This takes place in a health care center.

It usually takes place at a hospital. But the training can also be done in a nursing home, rehabilitation facility or a doctor’s office. These programs will also prepare you for working in hospitals, doctor’s offices and other health care facilities.


A high school diploma is needed. There will also be an entrance exam. Some schools will have prerequisite courses (general education). Applicants have to check tuition fees, admission procedures and eligibility at their respective websites. Applicants must also submit school transcripts and references. Other possible requirements are police background checks, medical exams and an interview.

Other Information

Tuition fees are usually in the same range as traditional colleges. There may be other fees for uniforms and books. Financial assistance and grants are available in many sites. The length of these programs varies. Some of them can be completed in a year.

Internet based classrooms use multimedia to enhance lessons. Lectures and lessons are delivered via streaming or recorded videos. You will also find some websites relying on PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and other applications. You need to have these programs or the proper viewer installed to access the files. Study programs online have their own platform or interface which students use.

Online courses for LPN nursing are affiliated with universities. Applicants should check the reputation of the school first. This can mean a big difference between passing the state board exam or not.