Online Courses for Nursing Ireland

Online courses for nursing Ireland offer training for men and women who want to enter the profession. There are several nursing schools in Ireland and a few of them are now offering classes on the web.

Coursework Overview

Nursing programs take several years to complete, covering several topics. The basic subjects cover processes, principles, concepts and theories of nursing. There are also courses concentrating on historical perspectives in nursing, health and illness behavior. There are also areas of study on health care delivery system, therapeutic use of self, communication, documentation/recording and nurse client relationship.

Nursing students also have to study interactive processes, life span, cycle and development. You must also study adaptation to stress and anxiety, risk factors and elements influencing health and illness. Of course you must learn how to take vital signs.

Additional Details

There are also courses on admission and discharge, ethics and scientific research, patterns/modalities of nursing care and staffing. You must also study Irish laws and how they affect nursing practices.

Other required subjects are care of the dying and the dead, wound care, emergency measures, asepsis and infection control. As a nurse you also have to understand death, grief and grieving. Specific topics include fluid and electrolyte balance, oxygenation, nutrition, activity and exercise.


By the time they graduate, nurses will find out how to use their skills to help patients recover. They also learn how to communicate with clients, patients and coworkers. They will also be trained how to use their management skills and leadership during their tenure. Graduates are able to make accurate reports and records. This also makes it easier to perform research activities as well.

Other subjects that have to be studied are substance abuse, skin integrity, hygiene, pain management and safety. Degenerative disorders of women, menopause, pregnancy related conditions, metabolic disturbances and infectious diseases are included in the curriculum. Among them are prematurity, problems/disorders in children and common problems/disorders of pre-adolescent/adolescent.

Other Information

These websites have several different features. You can read articles and materials online or in PDF format. Students get training via videos and audio. These are usually streamed online. Others are recorded so you can download them. Some nursing universities in Ireland use all of these features. But others rely only on specific features.

Online courses for nursing Ireland are not that commonplace yet. But they are growing in number. These classes have different requirements, and you need to meet them.