Online Courses for Project Management Certification

Online courses for project management certification will prepare you for the job that you have to do. There are numerous topics that have to be studied but the core studies will be on assessing, planning and completing tasks that a company assigns.

Coursework Overview

Colleges for project management start with an introduction to project management, initiation stage, the planning stage, team building for project leaders and motivation. There are also modules on implementing the plans and working with other people.

Basic subjects include project identification, life cycle, understanding the nature of projects and any constraints that may appear. When you get to the initiation stage, you are going to study project deliverables, specifications, determine goals, consultation and brainstorming. Other basic subjects are about product description, definition document and project management roles.

Additional Details and Facts

Universities with project management classes include determining project assumptions, constraints, business needs and presenting your case. At the planning stage, you will learn about defining task descriptions, determine deliverable-specific task list, creating the work breakdown structure and scope management plan.

Other subjects are about assigning resources and responsibility, updating project assumption & time constraints and project schedule charts. There are also special subjects focused on project schedules, buffer time, planning the time element and many others.

Format and Other Features

These websites offer numerous programs and degrees, although many prefer a Master of Science degree in Project Management. Some of these classes combine distance learning with classroom studies. Online classes have flexible schedules. But if the program is hybrid, traditional classes have fixed schedules.

Web based classes have discussion forums where students and teachers can chat. These programs will take at least two years to complete. Certificate programs take less time than a degree program to complete.

Other Information

There are specific topics focused on cost management. The subjects include administrative, buffer, and planning costs. There are also topics on resource identification, project cost constraints and assumptions and procurement plans. Other important subjects are on decision making and risk taking skills, coaching teams, leadership vs. management and improving morale. You also have to study budgetary control measures, change management and earned value analysis.

Online courses for project management certification will also teach you how to monitor schedules. You will also learn about setting and spending funds. Students who have a certificate can also work towards a degree. You can get a master’s degree in several colleges.