Online Courses for RN to BSN

Online courses for RN to BSN are offered by many universities. These degree programs are designed specifically for RNs. The majority of these programs are meant for RNs who got their license by finishing an associate degree nursing program (ADN). Nursing transition classes allow them to get a bachelor’s degree.


RN to BSN study programs are divided into the modules. Course subjects and topics follow a university’s semester applications. Basic courses include culture & human diversity, critical thinking, technical writing and health care management. Other subjects are about research statistics, care across the life span and making health assessments.

A student will also learn BSN role development, health law & compliance, complex nursing concepts, foundations of evidence and BSN
role transitions.

Universities with RN to BSN classes also have to study community oriented nursing practicum, healthcare management and nursing leadership. They will also learn how to work under a physician. You will also study the foundations of nursing practice, public health nursing and nursing for adult physical health.


Classes are taught over the Net. Schedule flexibility allows students to work, study and attend other obligations. The curriculum is as intensive as those in regular classes. They are run by instructors. RNs supervise the classes virtually. Study materials can be accessed anytime; you do not have to be online at a specific period. You can access these lessons 24/7. Some schools require you to attend campus, but others do not.


At the end of the course your ability to engage patients will improve. Personal knowledge will also increase by taking general education and advanced nursing topics. Your skills in leadership, communication competence, critical thinking abilities and inquiry skills will be improved.


These programs require a specific number of credits to have been completed. The contents are divided into nursing and general education credits. Some schools allow extra transfer credits.

Other Information

A typical BSN program lasts 70 weeks including breaks. But the completion time can change depending on the credits transferred and how far a student has progressed. Graduates of these programs can work in a research facility, be a public health official or clinical faculty positions. You can also work in a management or leadership position.

Online courses for RN to BSN are offered in many classes, not just in major universities. Students who want to enroll in one of these programs should compare their tuition fees, curriculum and payment options.