Online Courses for Teaching English as a Second Language

Online courses for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) provide aspiring educators the chance to learn basic and advanced concepts needed in the field. After completing an ESL course, you will learn how to train immigrants and other people to speak the language properly.

Coursework Overview

Subjects in ESL classes cover psychology of learning, philosophy of education and instructional methods. These programs include theoretical and practical application practices. There is also an evaluation and exam. Required courses include phonetics, semantics and linguistics. Teachers can also study another language. Only after completing an ESL program will you be qualified for getting a certificate.

Theoretical Training

The subjects concentrate on verb forms and other grammatical structures, asking for information, greetings, offering, inviting and requesting. Descriptive training skills include asking for description, communicative structures for expression of opinions and vocabulary building for people.

An English receptive study includes reading skills strategies, scanning development tasks and many others. Video comprehension is also taught audio receptive skills. Numeration courses center on numbering, quantity and time.

Educators also have to teach decimals, fractions and cardinal numbers. Writing skills are also taught in online classes. Subjects include narrative written structures, expression of opinions in writing, formal and informal letters.

Practical Application Training

Subjects covered here vary by school. They may consist of written communication tasks, idiomatic language development, quizzes and using the Internet to find other related materials. This course is usually self-instructional with video and audio materials.

Objectives and Goals

Those who complete this course will learn how to use terminology required by students. Their capabilities in discourse, daily life interrogative are enhanced. They learn how to express situations via writing.

Other Information

ESL colleges offer certifications for aspiring teachers. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree, but master’s degrees are also available. You should only enroll in colleges with accreditation.

Accreditation is provided by a state board of education. The requirements vary by state. These programs take several weeks to complete. All studies are conducted under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

State examinations have different features. But they usually include test competencies in writing, math and reading. ESL candidates have to consult their state board before applying.

Online courses for teaching English as a Second Language can be studied in numerous colleges and universities. But not all of them offer classes on the web. You can find out for sure by examining the course syllabus.