Online English Courses for Teachers

Online English courses for teachers enable them to keep knowledge current. All major universities in the US allow you to take English as a major. What is even better is a growing number now offer these courses on the Internet.

Coursework Overview

Aspiring teachers have the option of taking this course in several undergraduate level schools. Universities with English majors provide you with a foundation on American and English literature. You can take several courses including poetry, non-fiction, fiction and creative writing. These classes used to be available in standard classrooms only. But many of them now offer these online.

Would-be teachers can study for a degree. Online seminars and lectures are available. While studying at the undergraduate levels, students have to take up theories of literature and study major periods in history. Other subjects include creative writing, producing expository works and literature. Students have the option to study other interests if they so choose.

Literature courses are required in all these programs. These have several sections such as contemporary literature, American authors, 19th century novels and colonial literature. You can also study Renaissance works. Online programs have different elements. Videos and podcasts are used in several websites. However, the depth which lessons are studied varies greatly.

Additional Details

Colleges with English majors allows you to take a doctoral or master’s degree. Apart from English, you can choose to major in other courses. These study programs have tutors and advisers for their students.

At graduate levels, students have to study American and British literature. Understanding of language theory is also required. There are also programs for those who want to take up interdisciplinary studies. You can choose from studies on women, medieval studies and many others. Other PhD programs also have subjects on film writing, comparative literature and how to teach students.

Other Information

Many classes allow students to study with philosophy, history and other departments. Other topics that you have to learn are historical perspectives, analysis and writing. There are also subjects that allow you to concentrate on interpretive thinking. You will also learn about British and Anglophone literary texts, cultural histories and dynamics. They are all required.

Online English courses for teachers have become indispensible tools for many educators. At the same time, taking this program qualifies you to be a writer or work in other fields. This can be useful for those who want a career change.