Online Courses for Excel Access and Word

Online courses for Excel Access and Word provide a practical means of study for people who cannot attend a conventional classroom. A variety of courses are available, some of which are free. Some Internet classes have tutorials for all three programs.

Excel Coursework Overview

Excel study programs will cover basic and advanced aspects of the application. A basic course will teach students how to navigate the program, use basic workbook skills and work with ranges. Printing, using page setup, working with columns & rows and cell formatting are also taught. Other topics are going to be about paste special, autoshapes & diagrams and data management.

Access Coursework Overview

A typical study class will include creating a database; make changes to a database and how to use forms. Other subjects are about information retrieval, working with reports and printing. Other subjects focus on refining a query, modifying form layouts, table relationships and updating a database. Database Concepts and adjusting basic settings are included in most lessons.

Microsoft Word Coursework

Word study programs are arranged like other courses. Introductory courses cover topics such as selecting and inserting data, copying, moving, and deleting text and using the find / replace feature. Other chapters will teach students how to print documents, prepare outputs, mail merge and advanced features. The latter includes importing objects, adding shapes, tables, headers and footers and paragraph formatting.

System Requirements

All three programs need the following minimum system specs (these are for the 2010 edition of the applications): 500 megahertz (MHz) CPU, 3 gigabyte (GB) or disk space and 256 megabytes (MB) of RAM. The minimum display is 1024 x 576. If you are going to install the other Microsoft Office applications, you will need more disk space. These applications can run on Windows XP.

However, some features can only be used with Windows 7 or Vista. A feature like speech recognition requires an audio output device and close-talk microphone. The system specifications given here are the minimum. A more powerful system will make them faster.

Other Information

You can only use tutorials if you have the matching versions of the software. Previous versions of the software have a different interface. If the class uses videos for their lessons, you need to have a media player.

Online courses for Excel Access and Word are not made the same way. Some provide only an overview of each program. But others provide in-depth studies of all the applications.