Online Courses for Paralegal Canada

Online courses for paralegal Canada is a fast growing field. Getting a certificate in an Internet class is not a necessity. But having one can make it easier to break into the field. Today there are many colleges offering paralegal studies on the web.

Coursework Overview

Paralegal Canadian colleges have placed some of their courses on the web. Among the topics that aspiring paralegals have to study are an introduction to the Canadian legal system, administrative law, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), torts and contracts.

You will also be taught about legal research/writing, legal computer applications and facts about small claims court. The coursework will include subjects on provincial offences/motor vehicle offences, tribunal practice and procedure. You also have to study family law, corporate and real estate laws.

Additional Details

Internet based and live paralegal studies will include professional responsibility, ethics, the litigation process and evidence. Students of a paralegal program must also study writing, communications and advocacy. You also have to take up legal accounting, practice management/operating a small business, employment law and criminal/summary conviction procedure. Laws about tenants, landlords and residents must also be learned.


At the end of this program you will be better organized. You will also learn how to prioritize. Researching tasks is taught. Students are also trained to conduct analysis accurately. They will learn how to meet deadlines and work under pressure. These schools also develop their students’ skills in decision making and problem solving.

Strong interpersonal skills development is part of the program. Would-be paralegals also learn how to function in a team. During the program, students are taught how to use current industry computer software and adapt to the latest technology.

Other Information

Several degrees are available, but many prefer a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Paralegal Studies. Traditional schools are divided into semesters, the length of which varies. Apart from the subjects mentioned, other subjects are usually included in the curriculum. These may consist of political science, psychology and sociology.

After completing the online / hybrid classes, you will take up an internship program. This takes place in a court or government office. Or you may study in a law firm. The site will depend on the school you are attending.

Online courses for paralegal Canada is not offered in all colleges. You need to check how many courses can be taken on the web. Before enrolling, be certain the school has accreditation from the Law Society of Upper Canada.