Online Courses for Paralegal Certification

Online courses for paralegal certification are also known as legal assistant studies. Because they are integral to the legal system, there are now thousands of students taking these programs.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with paralegal programs start by introducing the student to paralegal studies. This is followed by basic concepts and facts. The topics include law office technology, drafting legal documents, paralegal practicum, insurance law, tort, personal injury, labor and employment law.

Other subjects are laws on intellectual property, immigration, family and estate planning and probate law. Elder laws and regulations concerning the environment are also available for study. Students also have to take up substantive areas of law. Every paralegal student has to take an ethical course. This may vary from site to site.

Additional Details

Universities with paralegal programs usually have modules for studying corporations and other business organizations, contract law, criminal law and procedure. There are even regulations that focus on bankruptcy, advanced legal research and writing, introduction to legal research and writing.

You will also find a certificate program on legal ethics/law office organization, civil litigation and drafting legal documents. In addition, you have to learn how to do techniques for interview and computer assisted legal research.

Elective Courses

These may vary from class to class. Among the most popular are drafting, applied legal research, legal software, cooperative education and criminal law and torts/personal injury and corporate law. You also have to study worker’s compensation and laws concerning consumers and employment. There are also topics on advanced estate planning, and family law. The credit hours in these programs vary though.


As a paralegal assistant, you will learn how to get lawyers ready for their cases. You will also learn how to perform the proper research.

Other Information

All students of paralegal programs ensure that you take introductory law courses. These include ethics, substantive areas and fundamentals. A basic course is going to consist of civil and administrative law, introductory legal analysis and legal procedures. You will also discover how court and law systems function. There are also courses on applied legal research and drafting, legal research and library use.

Online courses for paralegal certification explain a lot of the subjects that you have to do. Although they are not yet as popular as those of a traditional class, it is expected that more and more people will take them. Aside from flexible schedules, they are also affordable.