Online Courses for RN License

Online courses for RN license are now part of the curriculum of many American universities. There are many requirements to get this license, but studying on the Internet can make this easier. You also have to enroll in an accredited school.

Coursework Overview

The subjects in the curriculum vary from nursing university to nursing university. But there are some topics which are always studied. Self-care theory, development of nursing theory and conflict management/resolution are also taught. There are also subjects on team building, group process, involvement with self-help groups and therapeutic communication.

Aspiring RNs must also study leadership and management theory, social policy statement and socialization as a BSN prepared nurse and develop critical thinking. You also learn about performance appraisals, patient care and leadership and management theory. You must also learn how to take vital signs. The credit hours in these programs differ, but the course objectives are the same. These classes provide numerous learning resources for students.

Additional Details

Colleges for nursing usually have classroom lectures to supplement Internet studies. Clinical training takes place in medical clinics, community health agencies or hospitals. Additional subjects include medical terminology, pharmacology, human nutrition, physiology and nutrition.

In some states, you have to take an AIDS/HIV course. Other courses that have to be studied are domestic violence and abuse and medical error prevention. You also have to study pharmacological therapies and infection control.


All aspiring nurses have to take the NCLEX-RN examination. This test has an application fee. You also have to provide educational transcripts and applicant’s health history information. You must get a fingerprint check and a background screening. States may have other requirements.

Continuing Education

After getting their license, you must take continuing education courses. This is required for license renewal. The topics in these courses vary. But the goal is the same; keeping your knowledge current. This includes special health care issues, management of patient care and medical care. The renewal periods are usually every three years. These courses include videos, audio and other elements.

Other Information

If you are studying to be a nurse, you have to learn basic patient care techniques and providing first aid. Students also have to learn about medical histories and oral medication.

Online courses for RN license are often taken by those who have an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN). But you can also take a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).