Staff – Maria Alcot – Medical and Nursing


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Maria Alcot – Medical and Nursing

Maria has a masters in nursing and is currently working for a major pharmaceutical company as a medical research assistant. Her expertise is in the field of diet and nutrition and has several papers published in highly respected medical journals. It was when she was researching some courses for herself that she came across our site and noticed a mistake to which she promptly e-mailed us and we corrected.

We then asked if she would like to continue to contribute to the site ensuring all our medical information about courses was correct, she agreed and has been with us ever since. She was, in fact, out very first outside source to become a contributing author here on Online Courses For You.

A wife of 13 years to her high school sweetheart, she is also the mother of 2 boys and a girl. All her kids are currently in school and much of her time is taken up by them however, between her job and children she still manages to find time to be a contributing author on this site as well as moderator a few web forums of her own as well.