Online Courses for Nursing in Ontario

The number of universities offering online courses for nursing in Ontario is growing. With the need for nurses growing worldwide, it is easy to understand why these classes are becoming popular.

Coursework Overview

Every Ontario nursing school has prerequisite courses. The contents differ by university. It also depends on what nursing level you are studying. Among the most common requirements are proof of math proficiency, general psychology, physiology and anatomy. Other courses that may be required are chemistry, cell biology and patient care. In other schools you must take a cultural awareness course.

Students are also going to understand procedures like IV placements and taking vital signs. In addition to these programs, students must also enroll in a live clinical training program. Nursing students are also going to get trained on how to measure drug dosages and calculations.

Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science degree. There are also MN-NP, MSN, Ph.D. and RN-BSN programs. They are provided by several universities. Some of these programs focus on the careers of their students. Special programs are available for nurse practitioners, master of nursing, post-diploma and other degree classes. Continuing education classes are available for those who are professional nurses.


There are many types of colleges and universities to choose from. The majority of these schools are in universities and colleges. For aspiring RNs, the most common method is to enroll in an associate degree program. Bridge schools are available in many schools. There are also master’s degrees for students.

Clinical Training

The length of training programs is going to vary. They usually take place in hospitals, clinics or other health care facilities. All of these are available from accredited schools.


All nursing Canadian universities are designed so graduates will learn all the skills necessary to manage the responsibilities required from them.

Other Information

There are several other courses that you can take in these programs. Among the topics that students get trained for are community health nursing, healing, professional practice and family nursing. Another popular course is professional growth.

Not all of these courses are available both in conventional and online classes. These programs are run by highly trained instructors and professionals in the industry.

When looking for online courses for nursing in Ontario, make sure that they have accreditation. Always research the accreditation of the school first. The requirements are going to differ depending on the class.