Online Courses for Vocational Nursing

Online courses for vocational nursing will provide students the skills needed to break into the industry. At the end of these programs, you will be qualified as an entry level nurse. You will be certified and qualified to give basic care for patients.

Coursework Overview

These nursing colleges cover subjects that will prepare you for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)-PN. This is required regardless of the state.

Most of these programs can be completed in a year. Many classes are available throughout the year. But others are open during specific periods. Coursework includes newborn nursing, maternity, gerontology and pediatric nursing.

Other required subjects are pharmacology, clinical nursing skills and nutrition. Of course all nursing students have to complete courses in physiology, anatomy and biology.

Additional Details

In some classes, students have to combine online assignments with live classes. This is apart from the clinical training that they have to undertake. Also bear in mind that other courses may be included. Aside from those mentioned, there may also be courses on medical administration essentials, maternal/neonatal nursing, mental health and illnesses. Advanced nursing skills and medical terminology are explored in these programs too.

Online programs make use of videos, podcasts and other multimedia elements. These are used to enhance lessons. A lot of them also use forums and discussion boards. This facilitates interaction among students and teachers.


GED or high school transcripts are required. Aside from a complete application, applicants must have taken the nurse entrance test. Drug screenings and criminal background checks are conducted prior to final admission.

Aside from supplying academic records, a CPR certification is needed. Students also have to pass a physical examination. In some states, immunization from diphtheria, mumps, measles, rubella, tetanus and hepatitis B are required.

State universities may have other requirements. The minimum grades, admission fees, qualifications etc will vary. You can find more information from their website. You can send these universities an email if you have other questions regarding their policies and guidelines.

Other Information

Vocational nursing school graduates can earn as much as $40,000. This is the same as when you study in a purely traditional class. What is important is to enroll only in accredited schools. They are available in every state. You can find them in search engines.

Online courses for vocational nursing are accepted throughout the U.S. You can apply for work in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and other health care institutions.